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Nobody enjoys living, working or shopping in a poorly-kept building.

Whether you have a clear-cut vision for how your living room should look or are aiming to breathe some life into an older property, our professional yet flexible decorators and painters in Swindon are here to lend a hand.

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Interior Decorating 

Painting and decorating an interior can be like walking a tightrope between staying organised, looking after the property itself and getting things done right the first time. With our in-house ethos, skilled team and decades of combined experience, we like to think we have turned this art form into an exact science.

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a person painting the exterior of a house with grey paint

Exterior Decorating 

A clean and well-kept facade doesn't just make a great first impression; it protects your property from wear and tear. Our above-and-beyond approach as skilled decorators and professional painters in Swindon means we can are more than happy to tackle your guttering while we are there, for no extra charge.

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Cook's Decorating Services


Painting and Decorating Feature Walls

There's no surer way to liven up an interior than with an eye-catching feature wall. Cook's Decorating have the technical know-how and practical experience to restore your feature walls or create new ones from scratch, using a variety of techniques and patterns that draw the eye and look amazing.

Wallpapering and Paperhanging

Wallpapering is a classic case of a task that you can do yourself which might not be worth the effort with how fiddly it can be and how much can go wrong. Our pro painters and decorators take the hassle out of wallpapering and paperhanging your property, whether you are redecorating a single room or sprucing up a whole house.

Redecorating and Repairing

Repairing and redecorating could be anything from touching up cracks in your interior walls to repairing, sealing and repainting exterior masonry. We offer our clients a professional-grade finish at a surprisingly affordable cost, whether carried out as a standalone service or added onto one of our painting and decorating packages.



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Frequently asked questions we hear as painters and decorators in Swindon

Do you guarantee your work?

We are very confident in the quality of our word and triple-check everything, but in the event that you spot something we missed or a problem in our handiwork we will happily put it right if you let us know.

Are you insured?

Yes – We are fully insured up to £5 million.

Do you provide free quotations?

We do – After we inspect your property to see what we’re working with, we will draw up a detailed no-obligation quote that outlines the work that needs doing, how we’ll go about doing it, how long we expect it might take and a final price.

How should I prepare my house before a painting and decorating project?

Our team will bring most of what they need for the job based on our first property inspection, such as plastic covers for your furniture and carpet protectors. We only ask that you remove any wall hangings or fixtures that may interfere with the painting and decorating process. Anything else, like carefully moving furniture, can be left to our friendly team.

Do you work alone or as a team?

This depends on the size and detail of a project; touching up a room or two is a one-man job, while tackling an entire property would require bringing the whole team in.

Do you use subcontractors?

No – We prefer to train staff up to match our founder’s high standards and pride in their work, instead of bringing somebody we don’t (And who you certainly won’t!) into the equation and hoping they are as dedicated as we are. On top of ensuring a higher quality of work, it allows us to keep things personal the whole way through.

Do I need to buy paints?

You don’t – If there is a particular brand of paint you would prefer our team to use and you have the pots to hand, no problem. That said, we are more than happy to colour-match and procure our own paints for a given job if you don’t have the exact shade or type you want.

How do you prepare for a job?

Our clients put a lot of trust in us by letting us work on their property, and we believe it is only right we honour that trust by doing whatever we can to look after their belongings. That’s why we have a strict policy of taking every precaution and cleaning up as we go, from covering your whole house in carpet protectors to ensuring proper ventilation so your house doesn’t smell of paint or filler.



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