Feature Walls in Swindon


a bedroom with an orange feature wall behind the headboard


A simple addition that makes a world of difference

A feature wall is a fantastic way to add a unique touch, create a focal point or infuse your personality in a room.

Cook's Decorating take pride in our ability to conceptualise, design and create stunning feature walls tailored to your unique preferences, whether you have a clear-cut vision you want to bring to life or are open to ideas.




Impress guests and transform your interior with a feature wall 

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Enhance the ambience of your home

Our friendly team of painting and decorating pros have the know-how and practical experience to incorporate a range of styles of flourishes into your new feature wall, including:

  • Applying high-quality paint to create a flawless finish and ensure the longevity of your feature wall
  • Professionally installing wallpaper if you would prefer a patterned or textured look
  • Incorporating accent materials such as reclaimed wood, stone veneers or panelling to add depth
  • Adding patterns, shapes or other geometric design to create something truly captivating
  • Creating custom artwork or murals if you really want to take your feature wall to the next level

 a feature wall in an office with different names of countries