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wallpaper fitted into frames on a plain wall


Some things are better left to the pros!

Wallpapering can be finicky, to say the least. If not for how cumbersome it can be, nothing is more frustrating than stepping back from the wall and seeing air bubbles or a bit you missed!

Cook's Decorating's professional wallpapering in Swindon takes the potential headache out of your hands and ensures a perfect finish every time. Whether you are looking for a subtle backdrop for your living space or to make a bold statement, our team of skilled painters and decorators in Swindon is here to help.




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Style and comfort combined in your interior

The Cook's Decorating team are committed to delivering exceptional results and perfect customer service from start to finish. A standard wallpapering project might include:

  • Helping you choose the best wallpaper for your room if you don't yet have any, considering your style preferences, the dimensions of the room, lighting and existing décor.
  • Removing any existing wallpaper you may have, being careful to not damage the underlying surface
  • Ensuring your walls are prepped for installation by cutting, smoothening and priming
  • Measuring, cutting and applying the wallpaper for precise alignment
  • Trimming the edges to make sure the final product is as seamless as possible

 white wallpaper being laid on a plain wall