Exterior Repairs in Swindon


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We don't do ‘good as new' –
We do ‘better than the original'

As experienced painters and decorators in Swindon, we realise that not every job involves starting with a blank canvas.

If you aren't satisfied with your property's aesthetics and want to bring it up to scratch, improve a few areas or start again from square one, our dedicated redecorating and repairs service has you and your property covered.




Refresh your space with our repairing and redecorating services

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Fixing the little touches to enhance the full picture

Repairing and redecorating could include just about anything, depending on what you're aiming for and what we're working with. As a rule of thumb, our repairing and redecorating service includes:

  • Filling in and smoothing out cracks, holes and other imperfections in your walls
  • Restoring woodwork inside and outside your property such as sash windows and windowsills
  • Carefully touching up gaps in paintwork
  • Re-rendering and painting exterior stucco
  • Repairing and renovating masonry 

a person on a ladder fixing up the exterior of a house