Exterior Decorating in Swindon



Far more than just a face-lift

Cook's Decorating have built up a reputation for stunning exterior decorating in Swindon, and we have every intention of keeping it.

Exterior decorating needs to look the part to enhance the curb appeal and overall aesthetics of your property, while also being sturdy and hard-wearing enough to withstand the elements. We are experts in ticking both boxes, and create durable and beautiful finishes that last for years to come.




Give your home the makeover it deserves

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Bringing a new look to your property

No two properties, customer goals or jobs are the same, which means we take a fully bespoke and personalised approach to exterior decorating in Swindon. Our services include:

  • Power-washing surfaces to remove grime and dirt and ensure we have a clean and smooth surface to paint on
  • Painting or repainting your property's exterior walls, either by hand or by spraying them
  • Touching up or repainting doors, windows and shutters to create a cohesive and coordinated appearance
  • Repairing and touching up cracks, holes or other damage to the walls
  • Applying specialist coatings and finishes to protect your property for the long-term